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Life Under My Skin, 40 portraits de tatoués


Anna Mazas
Bilingue : Français/ English
Coédition MkF & Diesel
Septembre 2011
Isbn: 978-2-35103-025-7
135 x 165, 168 pages, broché avec rabats

Symboliques ou purement esthétiques, tout à la fois ostensibles et profondément personnels, les dessins d'encre sur la peau révèlent le rapport singulier du tatoué à son tatouage.
A travers l'oeil de photographes, 40 personnalités se racontent et témoignent de leur relation à cet art si particulier,
cette peinture sur le vivant.
A la manière de journaux intimes ouverts sur le monde, ces tatouages expriment tous, à leur manière, une vision de l'homme et de son corps.


Seen through the lenses of ten photographers, 40 individuals from different generations and all over the world, tell their stories and describe their relationship with this quite particular art, these living
The book allows us to graze the skin of individuals who couldn’t be more different from one another, each one more original than the next (from the model with subtle tattoos to the “tough guy” covered from head to toe, from the petite rebel punk girl to the man in his fifties, fully comfortable in his skin), taking us from Paris to Buenos
Aires, from the working class neighborhoods of Brussels to the streets of Osaka, by way of the markets of Camden in London.